My plan for the next few weeks

I made it to Fort Lauderdale, Florida, where I will be visiting a friend over the weekend.

From there, I go back to Texas for three days, the make my way to Hawaii on September 21st, where I will be visiting my cousin.

On September 26th, I will make my way down to Auckland, New Zealand.  The plan is to buy a van and travel/work my way around the island.

I am not sure how long I will stay there, most of it depends on how long it takes me to be ready for something new.

I plan to update the website every day, either with a new blog post, or a new travel 101 page if the day is especially slow.


Other things I want to do at the moment:

Hike the Appalachian Trail

Spend a few months in Taiwan improving my Mandarin

Bike around Iceland

Climbing trip around US

Go back to Colombia and see Ecuador, Argentina, and Chile

Go down to Antarctica

Bum around southeast Asia


I haven’t decided where I will go from New Zealand, but it will likely be doing one of these things!


One thought on “My plan for the next few weeks

  • I’m looking for someone to go from Beijing to Moscow on the Trans-Siberian Railroad. I’d probably go on to Paris from there, then back to the States. May 2019 would be a possibility but you may be cruising the planet gen ni de baba.

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