Big Fun in Little Haiti

Today we headed up to Little Haiti in Miami.  The area itself is pretty rough, but within its boundaries lies an oasis.

J is a friend of the head guy, and my understanding of the place is that it is part animal sanctuary, part AirBnb, part vegan farm, and part hang-out spot for anyone who wants to be there.

The people who run the place were very laid-back, good people.

They had pigs, tortoises, an emu, and a variety of birds.  All of the animals were rescued and rehabilitated, and are allowed to live out their remaining days peacefully on the farm.


We played four games of volleyball, and although we lost all four games, it was one of my favorite evenings of the year.  The games were not super serious, and any mistakes were met with good old-fashioned ribbing with no malice.  Everyone was just there to have a good time.IMG_20180916_183658.jpg

I am glad that places like this exist in the world.

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