Rainy day in Auckland

Auckland has been overcast for the past few days, but today was the first day of full on rain. As such, I decided to walk to the Auckland War Memorial Museum just about a mile from downtown.


The entrance fee was $25NZ for foreigners, and free to the residents of New Zealand.


The museum has three levels.  The ground level boasts a stunning collection on Maori and other Pacific Island artifacts.


Weapons, musical instruments, handicrafts.  You name it, they probably have it.


Floor 1 is home to the Natural History section, with exhibits on volcanoes, animals, and the land itself.

Floor 2 has the history of wars that happened in New Zealand, as well as foreign wars in which New Zealand had a stake.  The memorial is mostly for those who lost their lives during the World Wars.  There was also a small gallery concerning the Holocaust.

The museum was flooded with kids on school trips, some of whom were wearing bright crossing guard outfits.

The museum itself is worth a visit if you are in the neighborhood.


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