Devonport: posh accents and surprise musical interludes

Today was my last day in Auckland.  It started off slow enough, but eventually I found a German girl who had also seen most everything Auckland had to offer.  We took a $12.50NZ ferry to the small village within Auckland called Devonport.  The name is really fun to try to pronounce with a New Zealand accent.


The place itself is charming,  with little shops lining the quiet streets.  There is a library located near the harbor next to the sea.  There is a hill close to the ferry that offers a beautiful view of the ocean.  We found it after eschewing the direct route from the ferry to the top in favor of a much more roundabout, some would say lost, way. There were also painted metal mushrooms on the top of the hill.  They look like exhaust vents that were covered up and made to look like a part of the scenery.


Back at the hostel I walked in on a German guy I met learning guitar.  He had been given a lesson by a woman staying at the hostel.  His laser focus really affected me.  He was so focused on trying to play the four chords to Boulevard of Broken Dreams that he shut out the rest of the world.  He continued practicing for the next four hours. He said he was going to take a break, but would return thirty seconds later saying he was ready to go again.  It is always nice to see people excited and motivated about things.  I hope he continues being that passionate about things.

I told the woman who taught him that I played a little piano and she insisted on a duet.  It took a few minutes to figure out a song that would sound good for both of us.  We ended up playing “Stay With Me” by Sam Smith.  It ended up sounding pretty good.  It was a lot of fun.  I hope we see each other again in the future for a reprise.


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