Rainbow Falls and American Politics

I never expected an old abandoned power station to be where I got lectured on US politics. A man had made the station his nest, despite it being viewed by tourists every ten minutes or so. He had worked for some American businessmen in the past and had not been treated so well. He recommended I overthrow the government.

The day had started out normally, driving through old New Zealand country roads with names like Pig’s Head Rd or Old Russell Rd. I wondered if Old Russell had ever been young, and what he had been like.

The countryside of the North Island of New Zealand reminds me of the first town in so many fantasy novels. Rolling green hills, people out herding sheep or fixing fences, and wide open land.

After stopping for provisions, I headed to Rainbow Falls (or Waianiwaniwa) near Kerikeri. The names of places in New Zealand are difficult to pronounce, ever for locals I’m told.

The large waterfall appears suddenly and majestically around a bend. There are three different viewpoints off to the right. The best viewpoint, however, is following the hiking trail to the left for about a hundred meters.

After taking in the waterfall, I headed down a 4km path that led to a basin. At the end, however, there was no basin that I could find. The terminus was just a field. Along the way, however, I saw some incredible greenery, paths, and bridges.

The journey was the destination in this case.

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