Black Beaches

I got a recommendation from some friends I met of a nice place to stay called Whatipu. The campsite is run by a nice Kiwi and his German wife, and is situated a couple minutes walk from a spectacular black beach.

We were the only ones on the beach.

The day I was there, I ran into my friend Pedro, whom I had met at the hostel in Auckland.

There were some caves located near the campground as well, bit hose were no nearly as impressive.

There also is a trail that leads you to the top of one of the hills, offering a spectacular view of the beach and surrounding features. The walk takes about forty minutes and is a relaxing walk.

The next day, I explored on of the more famous beaches in the area, Piha beach.

I found a cool little outline of what looks like a country.

The view was less impressive, and there were more people out Nevertheless, it is still a nice beach.

If you are planning a trip to this part of New Zealand in a campervan, I would recommend Whatipu over Piha.

I was planning to go to Coromandel next, but as it is labor day weekend and it will be packed, the plan is to head to The Bay of Plenty and look for some work for the next three or four weeks.

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