Stringing – Kiwifruit

“You all did a shit job.”

Today was, by almost all standards, not a great day.

A few bees flew in my window. Their hive was concealed by a bend in the road, and my windows were down in response to the oppresive heat.

We were told early on to wrap still green Kiwifruit branches along string leading upward to a central point. This string helps to train the kiwifruit plants to grow in the right direction. It seems like we never quite figured out how.

I was hungry and cranky and negative all day.

But, it still was a good day. I made some good money. I got to chat with some of my new friends and compatriots. I was outside all day in a green field. I felt the breeze on my face as I worked.

Plus, having a few “bad” days helps you to appreciate the good ones, or so I’m told.

Still here working, but I will be updating the blog more starting again early next week!

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