On the Road Again – Okere Falls and Other Water Sources

Lack of sleep led to skipping breakfast. Skipping breakfast led to being cranky. Being cranky led to taking off from work at 10am rather than 5pm. Taking off work early led to a full day of traveling.

Okere falls sits about 20km north of Rotorua, barley escaping the sulfer smell that encompasses the city. What the waterfalls here lack in size, they make up for in intensity. Immedietly upon exiting the van, a roaring current can be heard.

A stairway from the parking lot leads down to a nice view of the rapids.

Back up the staircase and on the other side of the parking lot, the longer trail splits off into a labyrinth of smaller trails, each leading to varying quality of view. My favorite spot is in the header image.

On the way to my next destination I got lost and ended up at a neat lake.

The plan is to spend another two weeks seeing more of the North Island, then a few days in Wellington. South Island early December. Mark you calendars. But don’t really. It would just confuse people.

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