Redwood Forest

After finally navigating my way to the Redwood Forest parking lot, I was greeted (figuratively) by hundreds of fellow tourists. Some were taking a nice run through the forest, while others were maintaining elaborate poses, bent on getting those sweet sweet Instagram likes.

Tourists are able to do a daytime or nighttime hike along suspended bridges, costing $29 each or $39 for both. The nighttime hike offers a combination nature walk/light show. I was more interested I’m the nature, myself.

For the budget travelers, there are also many free walking trails throughout the forest. I opted for one of the longer treks, coming in at 11.5km called the “Tokorangi Pa Track.”

What I didn’t realize, however, is that this trail doesn’t stay in the redwood forest for long. In fact, the second half of the hike traverses roads and intercepts mountain biking tracks.

As such, once I finished that walk, I did another one, a 3.4km walk called the “Quarry Track.” This one stayed in the forest.

The redwood trees themselves tower over those venturing between them. Your neck gets tired long before your feet.

It is a highly recommended activity for anyone in the area.

After the hours of walking, I made my way to a free lakeside campsite in Mangakino. Amazing what beautiful places you can find if you know where to look.

One final thought:

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