Three Sisters

Opheila was doing her best to try to navigate the wet roads. Her wipers flicked back and forth, unable to decide on a speed. A Kiwi trailed us about three feet back. The winding road meant there wouldn’t be a passing lanes for a while.

My plan was to head to New Plymouth to do the coastal walk, but I failed to check the weather. Two hours of driving in rain had been enough for me. I saw a sign leading to the Three Sisters. A physical one, that is.

I vaguely remembered reading about the Three Sisters. I can’t remember what the article said, but name recognition was enough.

As luck would have it, there is a freedom camping site right next to the beach.

The Three Sisters are only accessible (by walking along the beach) within two hours on either side of low tide. With no internet, I started walking to see if I had time. I did not. But, as I arrived early in the day, I had time to wait.

The Three Sisters are a set of large rocks stuck in the ocean. The wind and water are slowly wearing them down, but an information placard assured me that these forces of nature would also form more to replace them.

Free campsites are the best.

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