New Plymouth Coastal Walkway

I was about 7km away from my car when my flip-flop broke. The pavement was too hot to continue the walk barefoot, and I couldn’t find a toothpick or something similar to fix the issue.

As such, I half hopped, half awkwardly ran half a mile to the shopping mall a passer-by recommended to me.

I can’t explain what is so strange about walking barefoot in a shopping mall. Maybe the floor’s coldness was unnatural. Maybe the “no shoes, no shirt, no service” signs from my childhood had me antsy. Maybe it’s the strange texture of an escalator’s step, one which I had never felt on my bare feet.

I eventually found a surf shop, and was on my way again.

Up until that point, the walk had been a relaxing stroll by the ocean.

Even during the week, families were out. Kids were learning to ride bikes. The local surf shop was giving lessons to hopeful tourists. Paragliders were doing their thing.

From the Te Rewa Rewa Bridge, the famous Mount Taranaki can be seen.

I even saw some cool graffito (singular of graffiti?)

The trail probably finished at the Port. I was never 100% sure where the path began and ended, but I sure had a good time.

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