Driving and Wind Farms

I woke up to an absolutely spectacular view.

Some friends I met last night recommended me a nice campsite about three and a half hours away.

The drive through the southwestern part of New Zealand reminded me of Texas, with more hills. Wide, open, green pastures filled with cows. NZ has more sheep per field, though (no sources).

Near the campsite, I stopped along a wind farm. A hill led to a parking area with nobody there. The hill offered a great view of the wind farm.

The cows in the header picture wandered over near me. Cows like to stare (again, no sources). I took the time to name them. Conrad was my favorite. His (her?) Eyes pierced my soul. I was too afraid to take a picture.

The campsite I am staying at is completely empty. There is a road closed sign a few hundred meters before the turn off, so I know that all the people here are rebels who don’t obey signs.

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