Manawatu Gorge

Five viewpoints. One closed. Four viewpoints. Twenty kilometers. Six people passed. Many, many steps. One almost twisted ankle. Four score and seven years ago.

The Gorge is a local hotspot. This was possibly the only hike I’ve done where I met more locals than tourists. I met zero other tourists.

I started the trek from the Ballance bridge, hiked 10k to the other end, then hiked back.

The hike itself wasn’t too bad. There were quite a few hills to climb, but they were always offset by long periods of flat or downhill sections.

I found an interesting metal man. His name is Whatonga, though I was thinking Ozymandias. Whatonga stands guard over the forest. He seems to be doing a good job.

The viewpoints were nice, but I was more interested in the hike itself and the greenery.

Good times.

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