I wish I had studied more about the Vietnam War.

The day began back in Woodville. I packed up early and made my way down to Castlepoint.

The town is seated between idyllic beaches, and is known for its lighthouse, operating since the early 1900s.

The trek up to the lighthouse is a nice ten minute walk.

The Deliverance Cove track, next to the parking lot, leads you on top of a massive hill overlooking the lighthouse and surrounding features (see header).

On the way, I met an older kiwi couple. The man was intent on discussing US politics, and was pleased to find me humoring him.

After I got back down, they invited me to have a beer and continue the discussion. The man had just watched a Netflix series on the Vietnam War, and had all sorts of questions for me. I did my best to answer them, though it seemed like he got more out of asking the question than listening to my answer.

I caught the sunset sharing a beer with a Czech man and a pair of French guys. The kiwi couple joined us thereafter.

Quite a friendly parking lot.

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