Cape Palliser

I woke up and made a sunrise trip to the lighthouse. I got there a little late, but the view was still magnificent. Great free place to stay.

On the drive to Cape Palliser, I passed through a town called Masterton. There must have been a strike, as teachers with signs lined the outside of the roundabouts. The signs were asking drivers to honk to show their support. A symphony of car horns rang out, and with each blare the teachers cheered. If you’re reading this teachers, I wanted to honk, but roundabouts take 100% of my concentration.

I hope they get their raise.

I made it to Cape Palliser, finishing the drive on a narrow dirt road that, at one point, passes through a creek.

The lighthouse has been operating since 1897, and it takes some 250 steps to reach the top.

Upon nearing the top, the tempest that had me wavering on the walk up now caused (I would find out) the metal guard rails to shake, creating an eerie, metallic sound. I was glad it wasn’t a banshee, like I had assumed.

What stuck me about the view from the top is the color of the water. I couldn’t tell if it was a different shade of blue than normal, or if the black sand made it appear so.

I went swimming in the (cold) ocean on my way out of the area.

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