Putangirua Pinnacles and Lake Baths

I met a lovely Canadian/American aunt/niece pair who were, as it appeared to me, doing a Lord of the Rings tour if New Zealand. The aunt regaled me with stories of winning raffles, her former travels, and their time spent in NZ so far.

The path from the bottom led us through a wooded area up to a nice viewpoint.

The path then branched at a riverbed. Up the bed was the real main event, pillars of stone sticking out from the earth.

It reminded me a little of the Tsingy de Bemaraha in Madagascar.

The path back down was along the riverbed, partially filled we water. We hopped over small streams and eventually made it back down.

We parted and wished each other luck with the rest of our respective trips.

I made my way to a free campsite on the way to Wellington that had a nice creek. I took the chance to go swimming, as it had been days since I last showered.

There were some nice locals there with me, a family who like to go to Renaissance festivals, and an athletic family who just finished an 80k bike ride.

Tomorrow I plan on heading to Wellington and hopefully being productive before I move down to the South Island.

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