Night Fires and Car Troubles

Felix and I were hanging around beside the flame of the campfire, rain pouring down on us. I was surprised to see the fire still burning strong, despite mother nature’s attempts. We had decided to have a bbq, despite having little in the way of bbq-able foods. I brought rice and some still unripe avocados, Felix brought some broccoli. We smothered the food with bbq sauce, and it ended up palatable.

The weather had been bad for the past week, and the bad weather is supposed to continue for the next few weeks. This, combined with the $800 bill to fix my car, had left me a bit uneasy. Two guys trying to make a bbq work against all odds was what I needed.

I’ve spent the last three days or so trying to get my Wof (Warrent of Fitness) for my car. Turns out, there was a lot wrong with it: two tires that needed to be replaced, a chip in the windshield to be repaired, a new strut, and some other small problems. Four different locations, four days, and $800 seems to have fixed the problem, but I have yet to do my second inspection. I don’t know if my heart or wallet could take another fail.

Once I get the all-clear from VTNZ, I will either spend a day or two more in Wellington, or just head down to the South Island.

After the cost to get the car fixed, I am going to have to find another job soon.

That’s ok though, just another opportunity to learn something new and meet new people.

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