Takaka Hills and Rain

In total, it took about a week and $800NZ to get my car fixed.

As soon as I got the OK, I booked the quickest ferry down to the South Island, ready to distance myself from Upper Hut and the memories made there.

I stopped for supplies in Picton, and made my way west.

The first thing I noticed about the South Island is the fact that I want to stop at every single viewpoint to look at the landscape.  I am still in the northern part, and it still feels like the end of the earth.

Like the North Island, the rain has been unrelenting.  The weather forecast still shows rain the next ten days straight.

I made my way up the winding road to a walk near Takaka Hills.  This has been one of my favorite walks so far.  The weather was uncooperative, but that made the view even better.


The rocks were a spectacular shade of gray, and the mist on the mountaintop made for a unique view.


I was alone that day, apart from an older British couple who got lost on their way to the top.  I wondered if they had any part in stacking the stones I found at the top.


I spent far more time at the top than I figured I would.  I like the fog, I guess.

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