Wharariki Beach

I was confused by a woman taking pictures of me leaving the bathroom this morning. She was a journalist writing an article on freedom campers and asked me some questions. I hope she doesn’t use that photo if she publishes a story, especially because she seemed to slant against freedom camping.

I headed up to Wharariki beach fifteen minutes north of my campsite. What I thought would just be a beach had a few hikes in the area. One went along the hills and cliffs by the ocean.

I met a nice German woman, and we ended up doing the first half together.

What started as a simple hike soon turned into a scramble to find a local. One of the sheep fell over a cliff, and was stuck down on a ledge, unable to get back up.

I jogged down the hills to find someone to let know, but there are very few people living near. I eventually found a campground and explained it to the owner.

Turns out someone had reported it yesterday as well. Get it together Darrel and get your sheep.

Back to the hike, there were lush rolling hills, as well as wind that almost knocked me over a few times.

I made an excuse at the top so I could leave the German woman in favor of a more difficult route. She was getting winded and I still had a lot of energy left.

The way back went much quicker.

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