Oparara Basin and Lord of the Sandflies

My friend Pedro just finished his tour around New Zealand. As he was going about the South Island, he was sending me GPS coordinates of his favorite places. His other gps coordinates had been spot on, so I made it up to the one he sent a few hours north of where I was staying.

I arrived at the point and was greeted with…an intersection. Nothing special about it as far as I could tell. I snooped around for a bit, but didn’t have any clue where he could be pointing me.

I decided to turn off the GPS and just follow the road. I ended up down a rough dirt road at the Oparara basin.

On the walk to the basin, I ended up waist deep in water. My jeans did not take it well. You didn’t have to get wet, nor did anyone else on the trail end up wet, I just must have misheard some local’s directions. Whoops.

I took the long way around to dry off.

Afterwards, I headed to the nearby campsite Pedro also recommended a nearby campsite, called Kohaihai. The campsite is my second favorite in New Zealand, after the Spirit’s Bay near Cape Reinga. The beach stretches as far as the eye can see, and huge waves break one after another against the oversized rocks.

The campsite really looks like it should be in that episode of Black Mirror with the couple who is in the idyllic world and it turns out they are actually old and a copy of their consciousness lives on in the idyllic world after they die while Belinda Carlise’s classic hit “Heaven is a Place on Earth” plays in the background. Yeh, you know the one.

Cool place.

But the sandflies. Man, they are out in droves. They’re like worse, harder to spot mosquitoes. Bug spray doesn’t seem to work and they manage to sneak in everywhere.

But still, cool place.

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