Kepler Track

I spent a few days in Queenstown, but was spending too much money and overwhelmed by the amount of backpackers.  In the few days I spent there, I went to a garden with strange-smelling roses, hiked the Queenstown Hill (pictured below), and ate a pretty declicious hamburger at Fergburger.  I also got hooked up with a free boat trip to a farm!


Afterwards, I went to the Kepler Track, on of the Great Walks of New Zealand.  Like the other walks, the price for a hut was way too expensive for me to do the whole thing ($130 per night), so I went to one end, hiked up 15km to the hut, and hiked back.

The first part of the trip went through a dense forest next to a beach.


A few kms of flat ground started ascending at a steady pace to the top.

The view remained largely unchanged until you got above the treeline.

The $130/night hut it all its glory.


I wonder how long it will take until people start hiring porters to carry all their stuff for them, not that I am bitter or anything.

Near the hut, there is a rad cave you can go in.


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