The End of the Earth

I made it to the southernmost point of the South island (excluding Stewart Island). Or, at least, some kiwis told me it was the southernmost point.

Looking slightly to my left, I saw a point that appeared to be even further south. Looking at a map, it looks like there are many places further south.

I decided to put my questions aside and enjoy the moment.

I’ve been making my way east towards the Catlins. Along the way, there have been too many “points” and lighthouses to count. I tell myself I won’t be fooled by a brown sign leading me down a winding road, but I always end up seeing what is at the other end.

It usually is worth it.

I found some nice free campsites and played soccer with my new friend Luka for about six hours over the past few nights.

Soccer balls and guitars are great items to have to make new friends.

We practiced some new juggling moves, some useful, some just silly.

I stayed at a place called Monkey Island, but didn’t find any monkeys. The place was still nice.

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