Chasin’ Waterfalls

I regretted climbing to the top of a waterfall when I saw an older, portly gentlemen try to follow me in treadless sneakers. Luckily, his instincts for self-preservation overpowered his curiosity.

The string of waterfalls made for a nice, relaxing day.

The waterfalls weren’t even the best part of the week. My friend told me about a forest not far from the campsite.

There was no one on the path, and the trail was a narrow, winding route through the forest.

I also booked my flights back to the States! I have about a month to make it to Christchurch and sell my van.

It seems like this trip has been going by so quickly.

3 thoughts on “Chasin’ Waterfalls

  • You said, “an older portly gentleman”, was he wearing a Colorado sweat shirt and liked to say things like “I really don’t care”? We are enjoying your blog and photos. Jerry and Elaine Herrick in Israel.

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