Mt. Cook

I arrived to the campsite around 1pm and snagged one of the last few spots remaining.

The holiday season is a busy time for beautiful places in New Zealand.

I had two days here, and managed to do most of the hikes in the area.

My favorite of these was up to Mueller Hut. My phone died on the way up, but I did manage to get a few pictures before then.

Some Austrians I met on the way up have promised to send me our summit photo.

Here is the tarn halfway up

There is also a relaxing walk to a lake that offers good views of the mountains.

This is probably the most striking area I have seen in New Zealand.

I’m working my way towards Christchurch with a few more stops planned. I have been pretty unmotivated to write blog posts, as I have been meeting a lot of cool people at the campgrounds, and it is hard to use time writing I could be spending hanging out with new friends.

That said, new posts will still be going up on library days.

Be well!

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