Shutting the Blog Down

Hey everyone,

It has been a few weeks since I have posted.  Not too much has been going on, I am just near Christchurch trying to sell my van and heading back soon.

I told myself I would try out the blog for the NZ trip and see how it went.

I have always been apathetic towards social media, and I don’t know why I thought this would be different.  I thought getting on social media and posting would feel less like a chore or work this way, but that is not the case.

Too many times I found myself feeling like I needed to post something, when I much rather would have spent the time hanging out with other people at the campsites, playing soccer, or playing guitar.  I enjoy writing, but this was not the outlet for me.

I also really don’t enjoy taking photos.  The photos never capture what is truly there, and there are hundreds of better photos of the same things on google images already.  I also have yet to look back on photos from the past more than once every few years.

I thought I would like travel blogging, but after being in New Zealand that is not the case.  A large amount of travel bloggers are successful by posting the “hidden gems” and places you should go.  After seeing how widespread travel has become, I would never post about the places I truly love.  Many of the places that once held magic are now overrun.  The places I have posted about are already at that point, but so many people have already posted them as well.  Travel has changed quite a bit, even in the last ten or so years I have been doing it, and I don’t like the direction it is heading.

Thank you all for the time you spent reading what I posted.  If you would like to stay up to date with what is going on in my life, just give me a call!  I love hearing from people, especially when you can hear their voices.




4 thoughts on “Shutting the Blog Down

  • Hi Neil,

    Your sentiments about blogging are so similar to mine. I kept a “blog’” of sorts for over 50 friends and family during the 3+ weeks we were in Israel, and I am amazed that you have had the stamina and perseverance to keep your blog going for months! And you are so right—after a few days, writing the daily comments and sending the pictures began to feel more like a chore than a pleasure. After spending hours and hours of walking and sightseeing, we would come back to the hotel exhausted, but I felt obligated to spend the next couple of hours selecting the “perfect” pictures and writing the necessary comments. I played the professor-role, providing the pertinent historical facts for each picture, always aware that folks like your dad and others would know if I had gotten something wrong or misspelled a Hebrew word. It was stressful! Oh, yes! Did I mention that I don’t type with ease with 2 fingers on my iPhone as you probably do? No, I type one letter at a time with one finger! It honestly took hours, and it took time away from just relaxing and enjoying the quiet of the evenings. But I faithfully continued my “job.”

    Why did I do it? I did it because I have friends and family who will never travel to Israel, and this was the best way to take them with us on our trip to see the country through our eyes. Since we have returned home, I can’t tell you how many people have come up to me and said, “Thank you for all your efforts. I looked forward to your pictures and commentary ever day!” I was also surprised to discover that there are actually many people who realize the amount of work that goes into keeping a daily blog. That acknowledgment and the fact that this blog was the closest most of my “followers” would ever come to seeing this country made all my efforts worthwhile!

    Neil, you are going to have the same reaction when you come home. All of us who have read your blog and have seen your amazing pictures have enjoyed the daily “treat” you have provided us. For Jerry and me, you have shown us new parts of New Zealand that we want to see, so we are planning another trip there in the near future—and all because of your blog! Also, I think you have a gift for writing and expressing yourself. You have been so articulate with your descriptions and have made those gorgeous scenes in NZ come to life! For most of your readers, you took them on a trip to a country with breathtaking beauty that now has meaning for them, so much more meaning than flipping the pages of a book or perusing Google images.

    For one who blogged for fewer than 21 days, I know the amount of time, energy, and sacrifice you gave, and I thank you!

    Your dad has told us (several times) that you are coming home on February 1. He is so eager to see you! Good luck with selling the van, and have a safe flight home. We look forward to getting together with you after you have eaten some delicious, home cooked meals and enjoyed a well-deserved rest in a comfortable bed!

    All our best to you,
    Elaine and Jerry

  • Oh Neil! I have SO ENJOYED keeping up with you! I’m sorry I haven’t responded much, just figuring you were too busy to read it!

    Looking forward to catching up with you when you return!


  • so now where the hell are you? i thought i saw a picture of you in hawaii. i’m going to madrid, i think, for most of may. pop by. we can go to the prado and have tapas.

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