Corruption-free zone

On our way out of Nairobi heading to Kenya, we saw a sign that read “You are now entering a corruption-free zone.”  It had smaller print that continued “accepting or offering bribes is a punishable offense.”

Much of Thursday was spent driving from Nairobi to Meru.  I was still tired from the two straight days of travelling, but excited to see the countryside along the way.

The landscape was mostly bright green, a remnant of the last rainy season.  I was bad at taking pictures, so all photo credit in this post belongs to my talented friend, Cindy.



We also saw some monkeys on the way, once at a restaurant we ate at called the “Trout Tree,” and again on the side of the road.IMG_3212.JPG


We soon after arrived in Meru.


After we arrived in Meru, we made our way to our hotel and got settled.