Health Camp

Today was the longest day of the trip so far.  We ate breakfast around 8, and shortly after left for a Health Camp taking place at the Gitugu Junior Academy.

When we arrived there were already about 60 people waiting.


Once there, we were assigned tasks to help out.  I, along with Diane, were to help the PAs put pills into little baggies to give to those in need.  Most of the medication were antinematodes, or other problems that could be cured with one course of treatment.  For other issues, such as high blood pressure, patients were given a month’s supply and a slip with follow-up information.  Others were tasked with taking pictures, checking blood pressure, and speaking with the principle about the upcoming events.


There were also doctors performing free cervical cancer screening.

People kept coming, and while we still don’t have the event totals, there were easily two hundred people helped.


Next to the health camp, we distributed the school supplies we had purchased and packed for the school two days prior.  The kids cheered loudly when they saw the soccer balls and jump ropes.


We left around 3pm, and people were still lining up to be seen by the PAs.

We went to a bookstore to buy curriculum sets for the Gitugu Junior Acadamy.  The process took two hours to complete, and by the time we were finished we were running late for our dinner appointment with the bishop.

To Kenyans, tradition is very important, as well as recognizing and letting speak everyone in attendance.  As such, we spent an hour and a half in (one of which lasted twenty minutes!)  We were all so worn out, it was difficult to stay awake with our eyes closed for the prayers.

By the end of the meal, we were nearly dead from the long day.