Take Me to Church

I awoke today to the sounds of a crackling loudspeaker blasting hymns.  One I recovered from the shock and woke up fully, I was not upset to hear the music playing, as it sounded quite nice.  We had a slow morning, but we eventually made our way over to the MCK Runogone church.


The beautiful service lasted a bit over three hours.


The thing that stuck out the most in my mind was the choir’s performances.  The group had beautiful harmonies, and you could tell they loved what they were doing.


After the service, we lined up, along with the pastors and bishop, and shook hands with each and every person that attended the service, which totaled around 200.  It was a nice touch, as I felt a lot more connected with the people than if we had simply been ushered to the other building to eat lunch.

We spent the evening packing boxes for our school trip and health clinic tomorrow at Gitugu Junior Academy.