Does Anyone Need a Hand? #1 cont.

Today was the first day of real work. I spent much of the day with a “needle” gun. It is a power tool that has about twenty metal rods coming out the end. These rods are propelled at a high speed, causing rust to break off from metal. Rust was the theme of the day. Breaking it off, sweeping it up, putting a layer of paint on to prevent it.

The boat itself is an old Japanese fishing boat.


We also moved a big pile of scrap metal, a refrigerator, and rearranged much of the chaos. We removed much of the old signage and warnings.

The hours of hard labor in the morning made the afternoon seem that much better. We climbed on top of the crane and made it to the edge in order to jump off. We also took the powerboat into town to get ice cream. After trying about ten different flavor each, we made our way back to work.

The second half of the day was spent removing more rust, as well as putting on a layer of rust prevention. This goes on even before the primer, and was a lime-green, viscous liquid.


There is so much work left to be done on the boat, it is a little overwhelming. We spend eight hours of good, hard labor, and it didn’t feel like we even made a dent in what was left to do.


The boat is a beautiful vessel, and I have no doubt the people aboard it will do great things for the world.