Camp Hikes and More Car Troubles

Tomorrow will be day 5 doing car things. It should be the last day, but I never count my chickens in a basket, as they say.

In the meantime, I have enjoyed being at the Belmont Regional Park campsite. Good people and steep walks here. One of which leads up to Boulder Hill.

It’s a steep 4.2km jot up to the top, where you are metaphorically greeted by fields of sheepen (to use the house rule Catan term). You are also able to see the coast, not unlike every other place in New Zealand.

The trek down is the same length, but goes about five times as fast.

Next to the campsite is where you find “Helm’s Deep” from Lord of the Rings. Luckily I didn’t notice until someone told me that it really isn’t worth it, as it is just a quarry now.

I feel as though I haven’t given Wellington it’s fair share of my time, but I am ready to be down to the South Island. Also, I am hemorrhaging money.