The Great Eating Contest

Today we had a big assembly at our hotel.  Children sponsored by the church came from the surrounding areas for to receive letters and school supplies from their sponsors back in the States.  There were also games, singing, and a picnic.


The turnout for the event, as well as the event itself, was wonderful.  I heard some beautiful hymns in Swahili, and it made me wish I could understand the language.  I have put in some effort to learn the language, but ten days isn’t enough to get past the basics.



Two high school students preformed a rap in Swahili.  You could tell they were a bit nervous, but they absolutely knocked it out of the park!  I was too intent on the performance, and didn’t manage to get a picture.

The highlight of my day was competing in an eating contest, which consisted of each person attempting to eat half a standard size loaf of bread and finish an orange Fanta in the shortest amount of time possible.  I tried to smush down the bread into one big wad and take big bites strategy.  I finished dead last.  I even tried to cheat by taking the next to last guy’s Fanta and running it across the field.  He got back and finished before me.  The man looked me dead in the eye as he took the last sip before setting the bottle down at my feet.  The crowd was laughing at all of us, and I would have been too were I not trying to hold everything in my stomach.


Also, the internet is spotty here, but it works!