Crater and Auckland’s Garden of Eden

I was about six kilometers into the walk back from the bank when I regretted walking.  The detours to Mt. Eden and the gardens had put my total walking for the day around twenty kilometers.  I was still tired from the day before.  I was a little hungover from drinking a few beers with some people from the hostel.  Rookie mistake.

The city’s unique views were my only salvation.  Well, those and the satisfying click pressing the crosswalk buttons.  Mostly the latter, actually.


Earlier in the day, I hiked up a few steps to reach Mount Eden, a crater located high up in the middle of the city.


As the city’s highest natural vantage point, Mt. Eden offered spectacular views of the city.


Not pictures: scores of Chinese tourists posing and flying drones.

I also saw a woman who looked to be about over a hundred years old slowly making her way up the steps.  It was nice to see her being active, but I couldn’t help but think that this could be her last hike.

On my way out of the hiking path up, I noticed a sigh for the Eden Garden, a 5.5 acre garden located near the crater in the middle of the city.  This expansive space was home to hundreds of different types of trees and plants.  Despite not seeing a single person within twenty years of my age, I had a wonderful time.  The garden had an overwhelming number of plants and trees to ponder.

When I got back to the hostel, I felt as though I had accidentally walked into a Jr. High.  I’m only twenty-eight, but the sight of the average age of the hostel goers had me feeling a tad older.