Out into New Zealand

Early this morning, I scared an Italian man within an inch of his life. I wasn’t trying to scare him. In fact, I really wanted to show him I was a good driver.

I hit the windshield wiper instead of the blinker once. I almost ran a red light once. I misjudged how much van was on my left and almost hit something four times.

To be fair, the center of Auckland (home to a third of New Zealand’s inhabitants) would not be my first choice for learning to drive.

The Italian man and I were on the way to a campervan rental shop. He and his girlfriend had just sold me their van, Opheila, and now they were going to rent a van for their last week in New Zealand.

I left the couple with all their belongings on the side of the road a block from the rental place.

Slowly, I took Opheila up the coast to a campground near Waipu called Uretiti.

The campground is an official Department of Conservation campground (one of more that two hundred), and is situated on a beach. The campground itself was not too busy today, and I had the beach to myself.

I went on a coastal walk for an hour and saw some cool plants and views, but most of the time was spent figuring out what exactly came with the van.

I am glad to be out in the New Zealand countryside, and excited to make my way around the North island this spring.

Beaches and Biking MasterClass

We explored Honalulu on Biki bikes, which are heavy bikes you can rent with stations all around Honalulu.  We walked around Waikiki, and saw quite a bit of the super touristy stuff.  My favorite thing here was this tree.


After hiking to see a small waterfall behind a cemetery, we went to Pali lookout, where the rain and fog made for a beautiful view.


I didn’t get a lot of photos today, as much of it was spent relaxing on the beach, but here are a few more that I liked from yesterday.