Does Anyone Need a Hand? #1 pt 3

After having worked so hard the day before, today was a relaxing day to recharge. We woke up early and went on a speedboat ride to Garden Cove where I received my first ever SCUBA diving lesson. I took to the basics quickly, but I had to call off the practice dive once we made it down to about 4 meters. I have been dealing with some sinus issues since I arrived in New Zealand, and my head was starting to hurt, even after spending time getting used to the pressures.

The speedboat ride on the way back had super choppy waters. We were ramping off each wave, and it was a workout holding on to the side to stay in the boat. This, combined with blasting music like “Eye of the Tiger” made for a pretty epic ride.

When we got back to the big boat, we had to move it to another anchor point. While the captain moved the boat, I focused on getting some more painting done. The trip took an hour, and the boat wasn’t rocking so much while moving that I couldn’t paint.

We spent the night deep-frying anything we could get our hands on, including onions, cauliflower, cheese, chocolate, berries, and pickles. We also made up some churros.

Day four started out as a work day. We got a lot of painting done, including finishing putting the primer on the stairs. Painting the stairs hurt my back, as we had to get under the stairs as well. The upper ones weren’t too bad, but you had to get in some weird body positions to reach the underside of the lower stairs.

Afterwards, we took a trip to the captain’s parents house to eat lunch. Turns out he plays the piano as well, so we spent some time going back and forth playing for everyone. The stepfather was saying a lot of strange things that I didn’t really understand, but I smiled and nodded.

We borrowed the parents’ car to go run some errands. We needed food, petrol for the speedboat, and a few other boat supplies. After we left the boat store, the car’s engine wouldn’t turn over. Turns out petrol doesn’t work too well in a diesel engine. Luckily, we were able to dilute the petrol with diesel we got from three trips to the gas station with our gas cans.

The parents insisted on giving us dinner as well. We all wanted to be back on the boat and go to bed early, but that was not to be the case.

We got back to the boat super late. The ride back in the dark was creepy. The ocean was still and foreboding, and the city lights only created a deeper sense of loneliness out on the ocean.

We woke up early day 5 intending to go for a hike, but the weather had other plans. We ended up spending the day getting work done on our computers.

We also got quite a bit of cleaning done on the shore. I worked on cleaning the aft deck and cleaning the SCUBA gear. Later on in the day we took a trip into town to get some Burger Fuel. We wrapped up the day early and watched movies.