Te Waikoropupu Springs

I woke up and saw a goat grazing in the small patch of grass next to my van. The goat belonged to a few hippie-types who had made the campground their home base.

One from the group was arrested yesterday for refusing to show up to court. The others cleared out shortly thereafter.

As they left, they bequeathed myself and a Canadian their couch. We set the couch up near the bridge underpass, and took turns playing guitar. We were joined by a few guys from Austria whose were content to listen to our conversation.

The Canadian was more intent on getting a girlfriend more than anything, playing louder and more difficult stuff when any women were near.

The next day, I headed to the springs, intent on at least stretching my legs today. I didn’t see a single person the entire time I was out there.

The loop is only a kilometer, so I walked it three times.

Signs signal that the water is sacred and should not be touched or ingested.

I took the rest of the day relaxing and recovering.