Roy’s Peak and Afternoon Sleep

Woke up at 3:20am this morning. A friend and I decided to do a sunrise hike up to Roy’s Peak, near Wanaka.

We didn’t wake up early enough.

We did, however, catch the sunrise in a great spot on the way up.

The hike took quite a while, but the views from the top were also lovely.

We also saw some rad sheep.

I slept for four hours after we got back.

Good day.


We woke up early to see the sunrise.  The colors of the sunrises and sunsets on this island are spectacular.


After sunrise, Kurt and I hit possibly every beach on the way to the northern tip of the island.


We went to Shark’s Cove in Pupukea.  Shark’s Cove is a popular snorkeling destination on the north side of the island.  It also boasts very cool tide pools and smaller ecosystems.


We saw the beach where Lost was filmed, as well as the tree that was used on the cover of Jack Johnson’s album In Between Dreams