Hawaii and photo bootcamp

Today was my first full day in Hawaii.  I felt very fortunate to have my cousin Kurt and his girlfriend Helena as tour guides.  They went all out to make my first day on the island a spectacular one. We spent the morning hanging out on the beach just outside his and Helena’s apartment.  While snorkeling, we saw a rad turtle who wanted nothing more than to be left alone.  After the swim, Kurt gave me some lessons on photography, and we made challenges to try to best capture certain subjects.


Kurt took me all around the island today to visit many of the famous beaches, as well as give me some greatly appreciated photography lessons.  The island itself is indescribably beautiful.  It has misty, green mountains, white sand beaches, and colors that have to be seen to be believed.  I can see why it draws so many people to move here.  The most popular beach we saw today was Lanikai.


An abandoned surfboard under a tree.IMG_20180922_094223-2.jpeg

Kurt and I also drove to quite a few scenic overlooks on the east side of the island.  This was my favorite shot of the day, utilizing some of the techniques he taught me a few hours earlier.  It was fun to spend the day getting to know my cousin, as well as seeing his passion for both Hawaii and photography.IMG_20180922_170831-01.jpeg

Kurt and Helena have been very welcoming and wonderful hosts.  I feel lucky to have them as family.  I learned some new Brazilian songs, I ate a great breakfast burrito on the beach, and I gave a two-year-old named Noah a cracker.  What else could you want from life?